Welcome to Prentner CPA

With 15 years' experience as Expats in The Netherlands, we have the expertise you need to help guide the beginnings of your new life here as well as providing continued advice on:
  • Dutch income tax filing
  • U.S. Federal and State expat income tax filing 
  • Working with the IND
  • Dutch public schools 
  • Becoming a Dutch citizen
  • Social etiquette
  • and more
Our leadership, drive, and demonstrated ability as a  Certified Public Accountant (2001),  Certified Information Systems Auditor (2003), Security Practitioner (2004), and Internal Audit Leader (2005) provide us with the capability to deliver accurate, timely, and meaningful results and risk based recommendations for improvement. Areas of expertise include:
  • Home and office Internet, IT, and network security review, design, and control recommendations and implementations
  • Physical security penetration testing
  • IIT and network security vulnerability and penetration testing
  • A broad range of IT and Security audits
  • Business process and operations audits
  • Finance audits, including Sarbanes Oxley